Servicing 3 Areas of Need

Family Supportive Housing offers three distinctly different programs for families experiencing homelessness: San José Family Shelter, Bridges AfterCare and GlennArt Arms Transitional Housing.

Our supportive services provided to homeless families yields an above national average success rate in finding and maintaining permanent housing.

San José Family Shelter

Our San José Family Shelter Program offers emergency shelter and supportive services for 35 families for a maximum of 90 days. We offer the only emergency housing in Santa Clara County that supports both one and two parent families. Learn more about our San Jose Family Shelter HERE.

Bridges AfterCare

Our Bridges AfterCare Program is available for families who complete our San José Family Shelter Program. This program provides families with 12-24 months of additional supportive services once they are in permanent housing.  Learn more about Bridges AfterCare HERE.

GlennArt Arms Transitional Housing

Our GlennArt Arms Transitional Housing Program includes of a scattered-site of apartments throughout Santa Clara County. Families in this program receive up to two years of supportive services. This program is entirely funded through government grants. Learn more about our GlennArt Arms Transitional Housing Program HERE.